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Special Awards 2018
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Special Awards 2018

Group A


This best of the best is chosen from the top golds across the all categories. One diamond awarded. This is decided amongst & by the Jury Presidents.

Grand Prix – by Entry Group

This is chosen from the top Golds across the entries within the group of entry. Hence each group can have 1 grand prix award. Jury presidents at their discretion may choose not to have any grand prix within the group of entry.

DMA Sustainability Award

This will be awarded to the campaign that has impacted sustainability and conservation of environment and natural resources for future generations. A single award that doesn’t need a separate entry but will be picked from the existing entries.


As attention spans decline with explosion in customer communication on digital the challenges to create relevant, timely and meaningfully valuable conversations surmount.
Every year, one outstanding campaign is honored with the Gold Inbox Award, sponsored by the ValueFirst Digital. This special Award recognizes the most innovative use of Digital Communications through Marketing Automation – whether as a solo effort or a major component of an integrated campaign.

Group B

Small Agency of the Year

A small independent / single location agency with staff of 40 or less may qualify for this award.

Agency of the Year

An agency which is independent or part of a network may qualify for this award. The winning agency must have at least 3 metals including 1 gold to qualify.

Network of the Year

A network that has agencies which have won metals at the India, Middle East and Asia shows may qualify for this award.

Brand of the Year

Each show will have a brand of the year. The brand with which the best campaigns have been executed and entered at the shows, may be eligible to qualify.

Client of the Year

Each show will have a client of the year.

General Rules Special awards – Group B

How points are calculated:
Special awards are tabulated by a points tally. There is 1 point for finalist/leader status, 2 for bronze, 3 for silver, 4 for gold, and 5 for grand prix and 10 for Best of Show/Diamond.
Sum total of all the points assigned to each metal won at the show.