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Building India’s first online Platelet Donor Community
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Building India’s first online Platelet Donor Community

Agency Name

Interaction One Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Best Use Of Mobile, Grand Prix
About This Project

Dengue has successfully attained killer status in India. 2016 saw the highest number of reported cases in 5 years at 1,29,166. A rise of 218% since 2014. But the most alarming stat is that for every reported case, 282 cases go unreported. The aim was to create a platelet donor community to help critical dengue patients during emergencies. When faced with a situation, the seeker should be able to find help immediately using the platform. Which means there should be a number of donors available at any given time. Godrej learnt that college students and youngsters are the biggest group of blood donors. So, they were the primary TG.

For a generation that is mobile-first, an app would be the best medium. Hence, Godrej Hit – Track the Bite, a mobile application that makes platelet donation a simple task at the fingertips. The app was lightweight and wouldn’t eat into the phone space. Registration process was also simplified such that they wouldn’t be forced to spend any more than 4 minutes to become a verified platelet donor.

Additionally, Godrej strategically partnered with Apollo Hospitals, who would provide all the backend support we’d need to run the process in the actual world. Realizing that making a difference can be this easy, over one lakh youngsters downloaded the app. Godrej created the biggest community of verified platelet donors in India, with 1,03,237 registrations in less than 100 days.